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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quick recap of Pusan International Film Festival 2010

Saw the video of Juliet Binoche dancing in Pusan? Anyway, I'm going to properly do a quick recap of my Pusan International Film Fest 2010 experience.

I was there from the 8th to the 16th of October. With dad. There was a photo of me among the directors of this year's Pusan Film Fest, yaay!

Dad and I see a familiar face among the directors of the Pusan International Film Fest 2010

On the 10th, I went to a Chairman Mao-themed Chinese restaurant with dad and Philip.

A Chairman Mao-themed restaurant

With dad and Philip at the Mao restaurant

You don't see a restaurant like this everywhere.

At night I headed off to the Thai Reception to catch a glimpse of Princess Ubol Ratana.

Video page

Princess Ubol Ratana at the Thai Reception of Pusan International Film Fest 2010

Video page

After giving a speech, we were presented a 10-minute trailer/feature of an action film that she starred in called MY BEST BODYGUARD.

Video page

After watching that, Princess Ubol Ratana became my favourite royalty in the world.

Then I hung out with Kiki, who produced and starred in a film called MAGIC AND LOSS (directed by my friend Lim Kah Wai). Kiki also helped produce and starred in my upcoming short film EXHALATION (no relation to INHALATION, just some thematic commonalities and stuff).

Kiki Sugino

And bumped into Kkobbi Kim (of Yang Ik-June's "Breathless", two years ago)... not a good photo though, but you'll see nicer ones later. Kkobbi, as I've mentioned in my previous post, is pretty much the poster girl of this year's Pusan Film Fest cos she has three films playing. One is the aforementioned MAGIC AND LOSS that she starred in with Kiki, another is the NEW CURRENTS film ASHAMED, and one is an anime that she did voice-acting for.

With my sista, Korean actress Kkobbi Kim

The following day there was a Japan Reception. Posters of THE TIGER FACTORY and INHALATION, being co-productions with Japan, were in display too.

Posters of THE TIGER FACTORY and INHALATION showing at the Japan Reception

I also met former first lady of Japan, Miyuki Hatoyama. I couldn't stop myself from voicing out my thoughts on how beautiful her golden kimono was!

With Former First Lady of Japan, Miyuki Hatoyama

Pusan Film Fest director Kim Dong Ho also dropped by to give a speech.

Kim Dong Ho at the Japan Reception

The trailer of INHALATION was also screened at the reception!

INHALATION trailer showing at Japan Reception

Video page

Ming Jin and I, as Japanese representatives as well as Malaysian reps, came on stage to give a speech.

Ming Jin, talking at the Japan Reception

Me, talking at the Japan Reception

Once it was over, I headed off to the Taiwan Reception, and ran into Zaizai Lin, the actress in TAIPEI EXCHANGES. I really liked her performance in the film.

With Taiwanese actress Zaizai Lin 林辰唏

I also met Taiwanese actress/ singer/ author Bowie Tsang (she's the daughter of Eric Tsang, btw).

With Taiwanese artiste Bowie Tsang

Here's her with an INHALATION poster.

Bowie Tsang with the INHALATION poster