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Friday, October 29, 2010

Sylvia Chang, Wilson Chen Bolin and Lin Zaizai (again) at the Taiwan Cinema Party in Tokyo Film Fest 2010

Been quite behind with my updates because I've been so busy at the Tokyo Film Festival in the past few days. Both screenings of INHALATION + THE TIGER FACTORY had ended, so is the TPG (Tokyo Project Gathering) at TIFFCOM, so I have a bit more time now. (still have to head there later this afternoon to be interviewed)

On the 24th of June, the Taiwanese folks had a Taiwan Cinema Party in the Tokyo Film Fest.

The MONGA (this year's local box-office champ in Taiwan) team entered.

Video page

Some speeches were made about the glory of Taiwanese cinema and wonderful Taiwanese-Japanese relations.

The Taiwan Cinema Party begins

Then all Taiwanese involved in films presented at the Tokyo Film Fest came onstage for a photoshoot.

I met filmmaker Hou Chi-Jan again. We were both in the Asian Short Film competition at the Pusan International Film Fest two weeks ago, but now his short, JULIET'S CHOICE, starring Vivian Hsu, came as one of the three segments of the omnibus film JULIETS that was having its world premiere at the Tokyo International Film Fest.

With Taiwanese filmmaker Hou Chi-Jan 侯季然

Then I met Sylvia Chang. It's almost exciting to meet someone who had acted in films you've seen since you were a child.

With Sylvia chang 张艾嘉

And then there was Wilson Chen Bolin... who is... skinny. Dude totally looked the same as he was during his BLUE GATE CROSSING (2002) days. I just realized that he's only a year older than me!

With Taiwanese actor Wilson Chen

Both Sylvia and Wilson were in a film called BUDDHA MOUNTAIN, which is in competition at the Tokyo Film Fest.

Then, I met Zaizai Lin again, whom I met in Pusan too. Standout performance in TAIPEI EXCHANGES! She was cool as ever.

Meeting Lin Zaizai again in Tokyo