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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The last day of the Tokyo International Film Festival 2010

31st of October.

I headed to Roppongi to wait for the Green Carpet event prior to the closing ceremony. I was at the TIFF Movie Cafe with Prof. Ando.

Tokyo Film Fest Movie Cafe

Tokyo Film Fest Movie Cafe 2

With Liao Jiekai and his producer.

With Liao Jiekai and his producer

With Shin Su-Won.

With Korean filmmaker Shin Su-won

We then headed to the green carpet.

I spotted a photo of myself and Ming Jin (and Israeli filmmaker Leon) from the opening ceremony.

Spotting a photo of myself at the opening ceremony

After walking the green carpet, Prof Ando and I left our autographs for the film fest.

Professor Ando's autograph

During the Closing Ceremony, awards were handed out.

Shin Su-Won got her award for Best Asian Film, in the Winds Of Asia section.

Shin Su-Won receives an award

And then the jury member and film director, Akira Ogata mentioned that they wanted to specially mention THE TIGER FACTORY as a special mention of the jury.

After that, awards for the main competition section were handed out.

98-year-old legend Kaneto Shindo received a Special Jury award for POSTCARD, which he said will be his last film.

Kaneto Shindo speaks

Video page

The Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix went to INTIMATE GRAMMAR by Nir Bergman.

Video page

Orly Zilbershatz and Nir Bergman receive Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix

He's a second time winner of the Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix, having last won in 2002.

I was then whisked off to the press conference.

You can see me appearing on the 2:40 mark of the video.

I then autographed a few of the Tokyo International Film Fest books.

Me autographing the Tokyo Film Fest book

The best Japanese film award went to HOSPITALITE, produced and starring my friend Kiki Sugino. Here's me and her, with Eri-chan, who made her acting debut in the film. (Kiki will be seen in my upcoming short film EXHALATION, which she produced together with Maiko, more on EXHALATION later.)

With Kiki and Eri-chan

Here's Eri-chan and her new little friend.

Eri-chan and her new little friend

Video page

Then there was the closing reception. Here's me with my nice attendant Aiko.

With Aiko before the closing reception

With Rob, film critic of METROPOLIS magazine, and actress Maria Isabel Lopez. I first met Maria in Pusan, then I met her here again, she's in the film called WAYS OF THE SEA (HALAW).

With Rob and Maria Isabel Lopez

While chatting she asked whether I've seen Brillante Mendoza's films, I said I've only seen LOLA at the Venice Film Fest last year.

"Not KINATAY?" She asked, referring to the film that Mendoza won the Best Director award in the Cannes Film Fest last year. (Yes, he was prolific and had a film in Cannes, and then Venice merely 4 months later)


"I was Kinatay! The prostitute who got killed and cut into pieces!" She said.

"Whoaaaaa!" I keanu'd.

Best Actor award winner Wang Qianyuan.

With Best Actor Wang Qianyuan

Shin Su-Won joined in.

With Wang Qianyuan and Shin Su-Won

After the closing reception there was an after-party for the WINDS OF ASIA participants.

Teng Fei, who served as assistant for INHALATION (for the scenes shot in Japan) and also designer of the film poster, arrived.

With Teng Fei at the after party

A celebratory toast.

Video page

I spoke.

Video page

It was a great night.

The WINDS OF ASIA after party