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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yoyogi Park during Autumn Twilight

Almost exactly two years ago, I headed off to Yoyogi Park to look at the golden ginkgo leaves, I was unable to forget their beauty. Since then, I made a mental note to myself that I would always visit the place when the leaves were turning.

When I had an appointment with someone yesterday evening, I decided to go to Yoyogi Park first. To my consternation, the sky was already turning dark at 4pm. Nonetheless, the golden ginkgo leaves were still there.

Ginkgos at Yoyogi Park

Autumn at Yoyogi Park

Ground carpeted with ginkgo leaves

Golden ginkgos of Yoyogi Park

I was losing light, so I tried to take as many decent photos as possible.

Meanwhile, someone was playing the saxophone in the park.

Video of the saxophonist

Sky of golden ginkgo leaves

Finally, the last lights of the sun were gone.

Yoyogi Park illuminated by lone light

I walked back to the park entrance, and suddenly remembering, against my will, a picnic I had in summer more than a year ago. Felt like the occurrence of another life.

As I continued trudging through. From the corner of my eye, I saw a young couple dancing under a tree, to the music playing from a radio they brought over.

How tragic it would be, if a woman were crazy enough to dance under a tree with me. Then I remembered that I cannot dance.

Autumn twilight at Yoyogi Park entrance

Stalls outside Yoyogi Park

Stalls outside Yoyogi Park 2

And then, I made my way towards Harajuku station, where the melancholic sight of falling leaves were concealed by groups of people, by the constant flood of lights that came from the passing traffic and lampposts.

I hurried my steps, into the autumn twilight, making sure not to be late.