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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Museo Nazionale del Cinema (National Cinema Museum), Torino

Despite being slightly delayed by the student protests, the last pitching session went by pretty smoothly.

Hometown hero Alessandro presented.

Alessandro pitching

Followed by Lorena's.

Lorena pitching

Then Virgil, with his producer.

Virgil pitching with producer

Laura of Luxembourg.

Laura pitching

The two Benjamins.

Benjamin pitching

It finally ended.

I headed off to the National Cinema Museum just a few blocks away with teammate Anita and Elaine. We would bump into Alvaro at the museum.

Towards the National Cinema Museum

The hat and scarf of my hero Fellini were two of the many many things displayed in the awesome museum.

Fellini's hat and scarf

There was actually a horror film-themed exhibition going on in the museum.

National Cinema Museum interior

National Cinema Museum interior 2

National Cinema Museum interior 3

There were many Italian posters of great classics too.

Jules and Jim italian poster!

The Conformist

I only watched LA DOLCE VITA in August this year, when I was back in Malaysia.

La Dolce Vita

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence.

Italian poster of Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

Rashomon and (I think) a Kenji Mizoguchi film.

Rashomon and a Kenji Mizoguchi film

When I was 14-15, I fell in love so much with Casablanca that I was watching it almost every week.

Casablanca and Citizen Kane italian posters

Scrap heap!

Alvaro and Elaine left. Anita and I took the elevator up to the observation deck. It was an epic elevator ride.


View from the observatory deck.

View of Torino from observation deck

View of Torino from observation deck 2

View of Torino from observation deck 3

View of Torino from observation deck 4

View of Torino from observation deck 5

View of Torino from observation deck 6

View of Torino from observation deck 7

Me, on top of Torino

In the end, we returned. The elevator ride remained rather epic.