Arriving at Rotterdam International Film Festival

Spending Chinese New Year abroad

Check out the two clips from Woo Ming Jin's THE TIGER FACTORY

Discussing my short film 'EXHALATION' with Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow

5-minute previews of my short films EXHALATION and INHALATION

我是个比较孤独的人-好戏网专访马来西亚新锐导演杨毅恒(我) "I'm quite a loner" - My interview in China's Mask9

Rest in peace, Bryan Chiel

Ashita no Joe baby

Girl drinks milk, lots of feathers appear

Men throwing stuff at helpless hobo boxer

"CHASING THE DREAM" - article of me at Goreng Dot Com

Young Women in Kimono at Meiji Shrine during Seijin No Hi (Coming Of Age Day) 2011

No, I will NOT vote for you on Facebook.

Girl in shower meets a slasher

Hatsumode at Meiji Shrine

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