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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Top 10 Most-Viewed Posts of 2010

Curious to know which blog post had attracted the most views in 2010, I went to check my Google Analytics.

Here's the top 10.

  1. Young Women in Kimono at Meiji Shrine during Seijin No Hi (Coming Of Age Day)

    Me with Kimono girls

  2. THE TIGER FACTORY goes to Cannes Film Festival

    Preggers Ping (Lai Fooi Mun) bathing pigs in The Tiger Factory

  3. China Mobile Film Fest 2009 Recap

    Giving my acceptance speech at the China Mobile Film Fest Award Ceremony
  4. My award-winning short film, LOVE SUICIDES, now (temporarily?) online

    [Love Suicides] The woman (Kimmy Kiew) is pensive

  5. THE TIGER FACTORY film shoot day 1

    Ming Jin discussing stuff with actresses

  6. Celebrating a real Japanese New Year (and then running into HK actor Roger Kwok)

    HK actor Roger Kwok in Shinjuku

  7. Visiting the ancient city of Kamakura

    The Great Buddha and me

  8. Babes of Tokyo Game Show 2010

    Me with Rei Ayanami cosplayer booth girl

  9. Snow in Tokyo

    Snowy stairs

  10. Chinese New Year Eve 2010

    Family + Kai Fai = Family Reunion dinner 2010


- Despite producing and writing a film into the Cannes International Film Fest, readers of my blog cared more about chicks in Kimono.

- Surprised by 9 and 10.

- Compared to 2009, my blog has a 29% increase in visits and 57% increase in pageviews. Most of it came from Google searches, Facebook was a (very) distant second. This happened despite the fact that I blogged much less than the year before. Showed that whether I write anything or not doesn't really make any difference. Slightly depressing.

Now, the top 10 keywords.
  1. donnie yen
  2. dawn yang
  3. hugo weaving
  4. things to do after a break up
  5. dawn yang boyfriend
  6. what to do after a break up
  7. swifty
  8. borges labyrinth
  9. dawn yeoh boyfriend
  10. edmund yeo

... at least I finally made it into the top ten.

But as you can see from 4 and 6, 10 Things To Do After A Break-Up (PS I Hate You list), posted in 2007 by guestblogger May Zhee remains one of the top-viewed posts of all-time (number 3, actually) in my blog.