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Friday, April 22, 2011

KINGYO receives Silver Horse from 19th Mediterranean Festival of New Filmmakers - Larissa

UPDATED: This is my short film Kingyo, in its entirety

Last week, just a day before I left for Tokyo, and when I was undergoing this interview with China Press (the one mentioned in the previous post) I suddenly received an email from the Mediterranean Festival of New Film-makers in Larissa, Greece, that my short film KINGYO had received the Silver Horse. (Golden Horse went to the Greek short CASUS BELLI by Yiorgos Zois).

I'm very honoured. It's been nearly two years since KINGYO (trailer) world premiered in Venice. Knowing that it is still being played before appreciative audiences is a joy, and it also validates the fact that the efforts put in by my cast and crew were totally worth it.

This morning, I finally received the trophy and certificate they sent me.

Silver Horse trophy for Kingyo from Mediterranean Festival of New Film-makers - Larissa 2011

Certificate for Kingyo from Mediterranean Festival of New Film-makers - Larissa 2011

It's kinda strange, but this is actually the first ever award I've received from a European film festival. And to come from Greece too.

2 years ago, my short film CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY was invited to Naoussa International Film Festival, it was the first ever film fest in Europe to actually invite any of my shorts. And Naoussa is also in Greece.

I guess it's some type of 'Yuanfen' I have with the Greeks! ('Yuanfen' is a Buddhist-related Chinese concept about how fate binds two parties together due to previous incarnations, it's also similar to Carl Jung's concept of synchronicity)