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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Jeonju International Film Festival 2011 recap part 3

May 4th began with the second screening of EXHALATION and its Q and A session. (tickets, to my surprise and joy, were sold out two days earlier)

Me talking during the EXHALATION Q and A session

2nd EXHALATION Q and A session in Jeonju International Film Fest

Here's a video of the Q and A session.

I followed that with some delicious Korean-styled sukiyaki.

Korean sukiyaki

The day then went by quietly. Dad had left earlier. I went to buy souvenirs, rested in my hotel room, caught a night screening of the Spanish competition film CARACREMADA by Luis Galter (trailer). Had some nice spaghetti at a nearby Italian restaurant, and started walking back to the hotel.

I walked through the near-empty street.

Cinema Town at Jeonju

"Welcome to JIFF"

Jeonju at night

Jeonju at night 2

The festival volunteers were still working hard, some of us referred them affectionately as the "yellow jackets", there were 300 of them for this festival. Young people who worked tirelessly to ensure that this would be a good experience for guests like me. They were our escorts, our guides, our translators, our companions, our photographers, our videographers and many others. With them, I felt the true hospitality of the festival. One of them felt genuinely sad that the festival was ending and the guests were leaving, I don't remember seeing that in any other film festivals.

JIFF volunteers working

JIFF volunteers working 2

I reached my hotel and started packing. Then I caught the 4:30am bus to Incheon Airport.

This ends my recap of the Jeonju International Film Festival 2011. It was a great trip.