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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Whoa, business class

I'm now in Jeonju for the Jeonju International Film Festival.

As you may notice by now, I fly almost every month to a film fest. This jet-setting lifestyle is exciting, but hardly as glamourous as what most people envisioned, for example, I only travel on economy class, no, no private jet either.

So imagine my surprise yesterday when I was actually given the business class for the flight to Seoul. Commoners like me have never actually experienced such luxury in the air.

Very nice.

Yeah! Business Class!

The seat was entirely adjustable with these buttons. I liked the legrest.

I could adjust my chair like this!

I generally dislike plane food, viewing it as a necessary evil that I have to endure to fill up my stomach during a long flight.

But the bibimbap they served was delicious, almost sinful to have good food on the plane!

They served Bibimbap!

Whilst eating, I was watching Sofia Coppola's SOMEWHERE, a film that showed the loneliness and emptiness of celebrity life. Joy.