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Thursday, June 02, 2011

My late uncle's record collection

Dad going through Zeg Zeg's record collection

My father's youngest brother, my uncle whom I called 'Zeg Zeg', passed away last September. Last Sunday, my father went to his house to go through his large record collection. My iPhone, alas, was unable to capture the collection in its entirety.

My uncle, just like my dad, was a music lover and connoisseur. When my father and he were both young, they used to collect music albums together, sharing them. From their childhood to their teens to becoming adults.

And then decades went by, Zeg Zeg continued collecting, but he never regarded each album to be his alone.

They belonged as much to him as they were to dad.

Now that he is gone, his wife believed that my dad is the one and only person who should inherit the collection.

So my dad was there, looking through my late uncle's record collection that belonged not only to my uncle but also to my dad. Just to remember.