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Friday, July 22, 2011

Last thoughts on Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival 2011

I've already returned to Tokyo yesterday afternoon.

Ultimately, Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PIFAN) 2011 had been a fun festival for me, to be able to hang out with old friends, and then meeting up with new ones. Great food, interesting films and the like.

What I learnt, in this film festival, is that when you run out of business cards, the next best thing is to hold up your iPhone and ask "Are you on Facebook? I'll add you immediately!" Which I did.

Here's Kiki the Producer, holding an interview article of her and Koji Fukada. (their film 'HOSPITALITE' was showing in PIFAN)

Kiki Sugino holding an article of herself #杉野希妃

Kiki the Producer, had rushed off to Toronto a day earlier for the 3rd Shinsedai Cinema Festival, where 'HOSPITALITE' was going to be the opening film.

While Kiki and I were both in Puchon, our short film 'EXHALATION' was also shown in competition at the Curtas Vila Do Conde International Film Festival. (it will also be one of the closing films at the InDpanda Short Film Festival in Hong Kong next month, along with 'INHALATION', which is serving as one of the opening films)

Meanwhile, the NAFF Closing Party was rather fun.

NAFF Closing Ceremony

I ended up seeing two films in the festival. Na Hong Jin's THE YELLOW SEA, which was in played at the Un Certain Regard in Cannes back in May. I thought the film was really good! When your first two films are CHASER and this film, you are definitely on fire. He definitely had the directing chops.

I followed THE YELLOW SEA with the insane KARATE-ROBO ZABORGAR.

My mind exploded.

I always marvel at how well-organized film festivals in Korea are. By now, I've already attended the 'Big 3' film festivals in Korea - Busan, Jeonju and now, Puchon, as a guest, and the experiences had usually been great. Audiences are often passionate about films, and this sort of passion can be so very contagious. The volunteers and the staff members work so hard to make everything a flawless stay for us guests that you cannot help but think "ah, I wish my country runs a film fest like that", oh right, I forgot that the Kuala Lumpur International Film Fest hasn't happened since 2008, oops. But nonetheless, they have became benchmarks of sorts, for the quality of their programming, or the way they were organized, I cannot help but yearn to return to another Korean film festival as soon as possible.