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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Babes of Tokyo Game Show 2011

The more I tried to run, the more I got sucked back in again, into the dark underbelly of the human psyche.

Yes, dear readers, once again I returned to the annual labyrinth of depravity known as the Tokyo Game Show 2011. From BABES OF TOKYO GAME SHOW 2008 and BABES OF TOKYO GAME SHOW 2010, you know the agony I felt whenever I was forced to interact with the beautiful booth babes of Tokyo Game Show.

How could the pure art of video gaming be tainted by distractions such as beautiful women? How infuriating!

Therefore, this blog post is definitely not about showcasing beautiful booth babes, like the much talked-about Capcom girls...

Capcom girl peddling a 3DS Slide Pad

No, this is a celebration of video games!

I had just rented out my Canon 7D, so I was left only with an iPhone. All the photos here will be in black and white, because such a tale had to be told with artistic flair that suited its teller. Besides, monochrome mirrors the melancholic dullness of my soul. 

I arrived at Makuhari Messe in the afternoon.
Heading to the Tokyo Game Show 2011

And entered the huge hall. Domo-kun tried to eat me. 

Almost eaten by Domo-kun

I ran.

And encountered one of those fabled Capcom girls I've been hearing of in the past few days.
Capcom girl

This girl was standing in front of the Konami booth, not sure whether she was a Konami girl or not. I stood in front of her, expecting a flyer or something, but I got nothing.

I cannot remember which booth is she from

Queues were long, I found it difficult to participate in any of its events. 

Managed to check out one of the 3DS slide pads peddled by another Capcom girl.

Capcom girl peddling a 3DS Slide Pad

Was at the Cosplayer section again. 

DSLR-wielding amateur photographers with supremely expensive lenses that I've never seen before started flashing away at posing cosplayers. 

Two scantily-clad girls were particularly popular, with a queue lasting more than half an hour just to snap photos of them. Some gave up after waiting for too long. Why do I know this? OF COURSE I wasn't one of those folks who were lining up to photograph two scantily-clad cosplayers, I'm a respectable filmmaker, dammit! I, er, heard from others, yeah, that's it. 

I ran into a familiar face. The awesome Snake cosplayer from Metal Gear Solid. He's definitely a smooth one-eyed Snake. I saw him too, last year.

My fave Solid Snake cosplayer

TIGER AND BUNNY cosplayers, my sister's recent favourite anime series.
Tiger and Bunny

Tiger (the guy on the left) blinked, too awed by my devastating good looks. 

I then ventured into the Mobile Games section, because of my recent addiction to TinyTower, see. 

Nothing Tiny Tower-related, just ladies in traditional garb, from the Idea Factory booth.
Idea Factory Girls

Got hold of some pamphlets and free comics from the Dengeki Japan Comics girls.
Dengeki Japan Comics

Walked past the 1-Up Games booth and was greeted by a group of... really young girls.

1-UP Games (...underaged?) girls

1-Up Games Booth

Wanted to check out the poster that Gloops girl was standing in front of. 

But yeah, she was in the way.

gloops girl

R-Force Entertainment Girl curtsied.

R-Force Entertainment girl

QueryEye girl suggested that I should check out their apps.

QueryEye girl

I looked at my iPhone, realizing that it was running out of batteries. I cursed. I ran around, trying to find a place to charge my phone. 

The Alienware booth didn't help.

Alienware Girls

Not the MOE TV booth either.

Moe TV girl

Tera booth...

Tera booth girl


NHN Girl

My phone finally died. So I was unable to take any other photos of Tokyo Game Show. To my utter consternation! 

It was only when I left the hall half an hour later that I found a power source at the corridor where I could charge my phone. Once it was charged, it was too late. 

Could only take a photo of the convention hall from outside. 

Unfortunately, some chick with an umbrella got in the way too.

Umbrella girl outside the convention hall