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Thursday, September 08, 2011

"I want sensuality and sheer sexiness!"

Hopefully you've seen Kenny's photos of my latest film shoot that I posted last night. If not, go see it now!

Now, my own photos of the shoot... (not that many, of course, when you're directing, you only whip out your iPhone occasionally to capture magic)

The main actresses bonded before the shoot.

Actresses bonding

The actresses

We had to ensure that Baby Hanae's in a good enough mood... cos she had some intensely harrowing scenes. Like the one below.

There were some wild boars and snakes, but other than that, we were fine.

Hanae lost in the woods

My film is filled with narcoleptic young women who constantly needed to sleep.

Shooting the obligatory sleeping shot

Woman in Qipao, retro feeling

(Yes, same actress, same dress, from my 1-minute Prada short film...)

During the shoot, conversations like this occurred:

Me: Okay! MORE sensuality! More seductiveness! Lesly (the cinematographer), get a close-up of her hand. Her subtle finger movements that betray her true emotions! Done? Okay, get her skirt.
Lesly: That's low-class, and too much.
Me: W-WHAT??? I want sensuality and sheer sexiness!!!
Lesly: It's cheap. I'll get her toes instead.
Me: (Splutters with rage) Whaaaaat? ... Fine. Toes! Extreme close-up of toes! Yeaaah!
Actress: What do I do with my toes?
Me: Something SENSUAL! Subtly sexy!
Actress: Oh... okay.
Lesly: I guess it's through a camera that you can get closest to a woman.
Me: :(

I dug out mom's old albums to use as film props. (yes, she was a singer before marriage) So mom actually made quite a number of appearances in the film.

Dug out old records of mom (she was a singer before marriage) to use as film props

We risked our lives to shoot in a dangerous jungle.

Actresses in tropical jungle

But things went pretty smoothly.

Here's baby Hanae after we wrapped the shoot (wearing a mini Yukata! So cute!). She had a lot of faith in our shoot and her own performance.

Baby Hanae after the shoot