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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jackie Chan and Japanese PM

After walking the lengthy green carpet, we finally entered the Roppongi Hills cinema for the opening ceremony. (the green carpet event lasted for 2 hours, a blessing, actually, without the delay from the rain, it would have been 4 hours! So after walking the carpet, I still had time to head off to a quickie lunch nearby before attending the ceremony)

I was surprised that Jackie Chan was here!

Even more surprised when even the Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda came out for a speech! You don't see a country's political leader appearing at a film festival opening ceremony everyday. Noda is also the 6th Prime Minister in my 3 years in Japan, and the first Prime Minister I got to see in the flesh! So I was even more excited, haha. (before this, the closest thing to something like this was meeting and taking a photo with the former First Lady Miyuki Hatoyama at Busan)

With Former First Lady of Japan, Miyuki Hatoyama

My iPhone was running low on battery towards the end of the ceremony, so I had to switch it off when Paul WS Anderson, Milla Jovovich, and company came onto the stage to introduce THE THREE MUSKETEERS.

The screening of EXHALATION is beginning in a few hours (it's 9:40am while I'm writing this, the screening is 4:35pm), time to prepare!