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Friday, January 06, 2012

My segment in '60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero' also mentioned in NEGATIV

This article by Dennis Vetter at the highly-regarded German film website NEGATIV came out just a few days after the Dec 22 screening of the omnibus film '60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero' (on Christmas Day, actually).

I saw this article shortly after it was published and browsed through it hoping that I could understand something with my limited German skills. Unfortunately, the only word I recognized was my own name.

So I ran this through Google Translation and here's a rough translation about what the article said regarding 'I DREAMT OF SOMEONE DREAMING OF ME', my contribution to the omnibus film.

The original German text...

Jeder einzelne Moment besaß hier Bedeutung. Im Gedächtnis blieb etwa Edmund Yeo, nicht nur aufgrund seiner lebendigen Persönlichkeit, sondern auch deshalb, weil in seinem Film der Schneefall der Örtlichkeit eine Entsprechung fand und er in wunderschön fotografierten Bildern wunderschöne Darstellerinnen präsentierte. Das zieht immer, weil im Publikum Menschen sitzen, so funktioniert der Anthropozentrismus, den viele so gerne mit dem Kino verknüpfen.

is translated to:

Every single moment had meaning here. In memory of Edmund Yeo was about, not only because of his lively personality, but also because in his film, the snowfall was a correlation of the location and he presented in beautifully photographed images beautiful actresses. This often leads to sit in the audience because people, so does the anthropocentrism, which many love to associate with cinema.

Well, I kinda guessed what it mean. Thanks, Dennis!


The aesthetics of my segment was definitely enhanced by my two beautiful actresses Moon Lai (Woo Ming Jin's 'The Tiger Factory', my one-minute Prada short film 'Now') and Arisa Koike (my latest short film "Last Fragments of Winter").

Once again, you CAN watch my 1-minute segment in my video recap here.