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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

2nd Q&A session. LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER/ GIRL IN THE WATER @ International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012

On the 27th of January, after being much better-rested, I did the second Q and A session for LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER and GIRL IN THE WATER moderated by Paolo Bertolin. This one's pretty long since a kindly audience member was willing to help me film the entire session!

The entire thing lasted for more than half an hour... which was, er, actually longer than the running time of LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER (23 minutes), but I trimmed it down to spare your eyes and ears. I talked quite a bit about both short films, anecdotes during the film shoot and many others.

Here's the video.

When it ended, an elderly gentleman approached me and told me that an image from LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER, the one with the girl standing alone on a bridge covered in snow, would stay in his mind for a very long time. It was quite humbling.

[LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER] A girl alone on a bridge