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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The 1st LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER screening @ Sapporo Film Fest 2012

An interesting thing about the Sapporo Short Film Fest catalog is that it includes photos of composers too. The only film festival I know which does such a thing, which is cool, film composers deserve a lot of love. So you can see the photo of my long-term collaborator and high school pal Wong Woan Foong in the Last Fragments of Winter entry.

LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER on the Sapporo Film Fest catalog

Last Fragments of Winter finally had its Japanese premiere yesterday, September 12th.

It was a relaxing afternoon when I headed to the main venue of the screening with dad.

Dad was ready.

Dad, preparing to watch LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER

And this is us, before entering the screening hall.

With dad, before the LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER screening at Sapporo Film Fest

My film was screened together with a few other shorts. Here are 30-sec/1-minute excerpts of these films that the Sapporo Film Fest uploaded on their Youtube channel.

The selection was diverse and really good, as you can see from the excerpts.

Finally, here's a video of the Q and A session that I had after the screening. The video was shot by this young nice volunteer. Sadly, I forgot to tell him NOT to take a vertical video. Er. Sorry about that.