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Monday, January 14, 2013

I've never seen a snowfall like this in Tokyo before

14th of January, 2013. When I woke up and looked out of my window, I was stunned to see this scenery.

View from my room

Wakeijuku courtyard covered in snow

There was a storm when I went to sleep, but I didn't expect it to become one of the heaviest snowfalls in decades at Tokyo! (The last time I saw anything like this was February 1, 2010, but looking at those photos again, I realized it's nothing close to what I saw today!) Snow in Tokyo is a rarity. I never would have thought that exactly one week after coming back from Kanazawa and Snow Country, I would witness even more snow here!

Wakeijuku faces the snow

View from the kitchen

Snow scenery through kitchen window

Trees covered i snow

I wanted to know what other familiar places of Tokyo would look like in the snow, so I went out.

Back entrance of Wakeijuku in snow

Down the slopes that I walk almost everyday. I almost slipped.

Slippery slopes

Slippery slope outside Wakeijuku

Slippery slope outside Wakeijuku 2

And past the Kanda river that I cross all the time. It had appeared in my short film, INHALATION before, during the cherry blossoms period.

Kanda river covered in snow

Snow-covered Kanda river

To Waseda University.

Waseda in snow

Guy walking dramatically past the Okuma Hall of Waseda University

And then, I looked at the statue of Shigenobu Okuma, founder of Waseda.

Okuma statue feeling the chills

Okuma Bronze statue feels cold

After that I headed towards nearby Ana Hachimangu shrine.

Ana-Hachimangu shrine at Waseda

They were preparing for a festival. But those stalls were all swallowed by the snow.

Shoveling the snow at Ana-Hachimangu

Ana-Hachimangu in snow

Then I went to Roppongi. Once I was at Roppongi Hills, the winds were strong. I didn't wear any gloves (so I could operate the camera and iPhone properly), my hands were in pain.

Even Roppongi Hills is filled with snow

Roppongi in snow

Roppongi in snow 2

The blizzards were so strong that I lost three umbrellas.

The sun was setting, everything was a white blur, I thought I could get a nice view of Tokyo Tower and the city landscape from Roppongi Hills, but I couldn't see anything.

In the end I was back in familiar Shinjuku. Of course, it looked alien with all the snow. But lovely at the same time.

Shinjuku in snow

Shinjuku station east exit in snow

Shinjuku became a snow-covered winter wonderland

Shinjuku in snow!