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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My speech at GITS Commencement & Graduation Reception (26.3.2013)

I just went through my graduation ceremony yesterday at Waseda University. For some odd reason, I managed to get myself a doctorate.

I'm sure my secondary school teachers would have been mortified.

With family, Professor Ando and Uncle Yaw. After my graduation ceremony.

After my graduation ceremony (March 26, 2013)

In addition to that, I was even given the honour to present a speech on behalf of the doctoral students at the GITS (school of Global Information Telecommunications) Commencement & Graduation Ceremony.

Usually in order to prepare for a film, I would watch all sorts of great films that I needed to give me inspiration. Or pore through all kinds of great literary works. Researching plays a heavy role in my preparations.

So, for the speech, I went through a lot of great commencement speeches for research. It blew my mind.

Anyway, here's my speech.