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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Set photos from the Buddyz 2 TV shoot

surrounded by yellow umbrellas
(On the set of Buddyz 2, with the iconic kombi van and some yellow umbrellas. The guy in yellow and seated in the background is actor Shaheizy Sam, reading the script)

Last year, I made a passing mention that I was involved in a TV shoot for a series of 5-minute episodes called Buddyz. The series started airing last June.

In the past few weeks I have been preparing for Season 2 of Buddyz, which stars Alif Satar, Syed Ali, Eliza Razak and Wawa Zainal, including (numerous) special appearances from Shaheizy Sam (the guy is doing multiple roles, like Eddie Murphy in the 80s).

For this shoot (and many after that), I decided to use a Blackmagic Cinema Camera that I bought literally just a few days before :D

setting up the Blackmagic Camera

The shoot started on May 1st. Labour Day. Most were having a holiday while we started work.

This was the very first shot of the entire shoot.

the very first shot of the shoot

May 2nd. Day 2. We were shooting around the Damansara Perdana area.

The Malaysian flag inspires me with patriotic feelings during the shoot

a scene in front of shoplots

That was 3 days before General Elections. The sight of the flag made me feel a little patriotic.

I always wanted to try a Snorricam shot. I finally got to do it.

shooting a scene in the middle of the street

Once again, like the previous season, Elliza Razak and Shaheizy Sam shared the most screen time. Their chemistry is already there, as director, my job was to set up the scenes wonderfully for them to work their magic.

Co-stars Eliza Razak and Shaheizy Sam preparing for a shot
Day 3. Taman Tun Park.

I decided to scatter some yellow umbrellas around the park to make the scene more awesome.

a field of yellow umbrellas

Day 4... well, Day 4 was a hectic shoot where started from 7am to 7pm. There was a live audience. I'll just share some of their tweets.

(they even got to hang out with the cast members)

There were even (quite a lot of photos) posted on Facebook.

Tweets of those events had the hashtag #BuddyzSam

It's fascinating.

May 5th. We had a break. It was the 13th Malaysian General Elections. Mom and I went to vote. But that's a different story for another day. If ever.

5th of May, 2013. 13th Malaysian General Elections. Mom and I cast our votes

May 6th. Back to work. No photos. Post-election fatigue.

May 7th. Yesterday. Day 6 of shoot.

Continued shooting in a kampung house. Sometimes, I'm really amazed by the generosity of our Malay brethren, they are always hospitable and agreeable when lending out their homes for film shoots.

a scene in a kampung house

Here's Alif Satar, Wawa Zainal and Elliza Razak, waiting for the next shot.

waiting for the next shot

And then, Syed Ali and Elliza Razak in an emotionally intense scene.

an atmospheric sci-fi scene

Night came. It started raining heavily.

Raining heavily. Still figuring how to shoot the scene.

the rain comes, we continue to shoot

I had to put on the raincoat.

preparing for a scene under a heavy rain

Slightly after midnight, we were finally done. Here's Wawa Zainal and Elliza Razak, shooting the last scene of the night.

Lead actresses Wawa Zainal and Elliza Razak acting in the rain