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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Excerpt from my new short film, SPRINGTIME NOSTALGIA 残香

A new short film of mine, SPRINGTIME NOSTALGIA, is premiering at next week's Shanghai International Film Festival, followed by a screening at the Taipei International Film Festival in early July as part of an "in focus" program for actress/producer Kiki Sugino.

This Ikebana-themed short that was commissioned by Kao last year

The kind folks of Taipei International Film Festival posted a one-minute excerpt of the short film on Youtube which featured the three main cast members, Kiki Sugino (who did EXHALATION with me back in 2010), Qyoko Kudo (who did KINGYO with me back in 2009) and Eriko Ono (who was probably a baby when I collaborated with the aforementioned two actresses in my previous works).

I really liked the synopsis that they have written in Chinese.


My (crappy) translation:

A man who loved Ikebana once asked: "If I were to disappear one day, will you look for me?"

After he disappeared, the woman loses her sense of smell. The woman goes to an Ikebana class, the teacher notices her flower arrangement and is shocked, she asks the woman who had taught her this arrangement.

The woman remembers the man and wonders: "If we were to meet again, what will he remember?"

Beautiful and poetic imagery, it is as if these vivid colours were trying to conceal a piece of missing memory.

Sometimes, I feel that these film festival synopses are cooler than my actual films.