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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The full list of Golden Wau Awards nominations

Having a new set of awards to reward Malaysian Chinese cinematic achievements is a nice idea, especially considering the increase of Malaysian Chinese films in the country during the past few years.

So we now have the Golden Wau Awards, which is kinda like the Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan, or the Hong Kong Film Awards in Hong Kong, except, this one is in Malaysia.

Being the inaugural edition, they decided to reward films that came out from 2010 to 2012. My only regret is that I didn't submit THE TIGER FACTORY (2010) for consideration. Despite being the last Malaysian film (and only the third in history) to be invited to Cannes Film Fest, this film remains totally obscure among the local audiences, due to our lack of theatrical release, and non-existent DVD release.

Well, at least, when I was at the Golden Wau Awards press conference yesterday, I got a photo with Cony the mascot of LINE to brag about.

with LINE mascot Cony at the Golden Wau awards press conference

Good times.

Anyway, it was fun to witness such a historical event. Due to the wide pool of films that were in contention, instead of the usual five nominees per category, the Golden Wau awards decided to go with eight nominees. That's almost like the Best Picture category in the Oscars (I still prefer it when they were five nominees, FYI)

Just sharing the full list of nominations here, for myself to remember, because no one reads this blog anymore. There are 14 categories altogether.

I will just copy and paste from the official Facebook page of Golden Wau Awards.

(My mundane thoughts in parentheses)

最佳造型 Best Image Design:

~ Dora Choo (初恋红豆冰Ice Kacang Puppy Love)
~ ENW Styling Team (大英雄 小男人Petaling Street Warriors)
~ 徐淑娟 Hsu Shu Chuan (金童玉女The Golden Couple)
~ 徐淑娟 Hsu Shu Chuan (结婚那件事The Wedding Diary)
~ 吕素君 Beatrice Loo (大日子Tiger Woohoo)
~ Lai Chan (笑着回家Homecoming)
~ 苏丽妍 Sarah Lee Ann (辣死你妈Nasi Lemak 2.0)
~ 吕素君 Beatrice Loo (天天好天The Great Day)

(Hmm, why didn't they call this "Best Make-Up"? Well, I guess it's different. But "image design" seems a little confusing?)

最佳美术 Best Art Design:

~ 傅文辉 Too Wen Huel (初恋红豆冰Ice Kacang Puppy Love)
~ 孙詠钊 Soon Yong Chow (大日子Tiger Woohoo)
~ 翁诗圣 Thompson Ong Sir Shen (大英雄 小男人Petaling Street Warriors)
~ 孙詠钊 Soon Yong Chow (天天好天The Great Day)
~ 陈泓羽 Chan Tai Beng (结婚那件事The Wedding Diary)
~ 陈泓羽 Chan Tai Beng (金童玉女The Golden Couple)
~ Faizal Bohfiar (笑着回家Homecoming)
~ 赵振财Patrick Chew Chen Choy (辣死你妈Nasi Lemak 2.0)

最佳摄影Best Cinematography

~ 杨俊麟 Yong Choon Lin (初恋红豆冰Ice Kacang Puppy Love)
~ 杨俊麟 Yong Choon Lin (天天好天The Great Day)
~ 陈海量 Chan Hai Liang (大英雄 小男人Petaling Street Warriors)
~ 杨俊麟 Yong Choon Lin (结婚那件事The Wedding Diary)
~ 杨俊麟 Yong Choon Lin (大日子Tiger Woohoo)
~ Haris Hue (行X踏错3X trouble)
~ 陈海量 Chan Hai Liang (金童玉女The Golden Couple)
~ Joel San Juan (笑着回家Homecoming)

(So, it's Yong Choon Lin vs Yong Choon Lin vs Yong Choon Lin vs Yong Choon Lin. If there were only five nominees instead of eight, it would be pretty amusing if Yong Choon Lin got all four of the nominations. BTW: Chan Hai Liang is the cinematographer of Ming Jin's THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA, which I took over as producer... only during post-production)

最佳剪接 Best Editing:

~ 麦志康 Bak Chee Hong (天天好天The Great Day)
~ 麦智忠 Mak Chee Chong (大英雄 小男人Petaling Street Warriors)
~ 林伟德 (初恋红豆冰Ice Kacang Puppy Love)
~ 池家庆 Kethsvin Chee (大日子Tiger Woohoo)
~ 奕超 Dodo Heng (结婚那件事The Wedding Diary)
~ 严文忠 Yim Mun Chong (笑着回家Homecoming)
~ 李百祥 Lee Pai Seang (金童玉女The Golden Couple)
~ 严文忠 Yim Mun Chong (贪心鬼见鬼Greedy Ghost)

最佳音效 Best Sound Effects:

~ 杜笃之 Tu Duu Chih (天天好天The Great Day)
~ Daniel Tay (初恋红豆冰Ice Kacang Puppy Love)
~ 杜笃之 Tu Duu Chih (甲洞Kepong Gangster)
~ 黄泽晖 Darren Ng (23:59)
~ Sunit Asvinikul (金童玉女The Golden Couple)
~ Sunit Asvinikul (结婚那件事The Wedding Diary)
~ 杜笃之 Tu Duu Chih (阿炳心想事成Ah Beng Three Wishes)
~ Reezal (龙拳First Of Dragon)

最佳音乐 Best Original Scoring:

~ 阿牛(陈庆祥) Ah Niu/伍冠谚Chet Ng/饶善强 Jackey Yow(初恋红豆冰Ice Kacang Puppy Love)
~ 辛伟力 Alex San (天天好天The Great Day)
~ 辛伟力 Alex San (大日子Tiger Woohoo)
~ 阿牛(陈庆祥) Ah Niu (金童玉女The Golden Couple)
~ 饶善强 Jackey Yow(结婚那件事The Wedding Diary)
~ 辛伟力 Alex San (阿炳心想事成 Ah Beng Three Wishes)
~ 黄晟峰 Madman (行X踏错3X trouble)
~ 马逸腾Teng Bee 范翔登 Stanley Fam (甲洞Kepong Gangster)

最佳编剧 Best Script:

~ 阿牛(陈庆祥) Ah Niu 赖昌铭 Dennis Lai (初恋红豆冰 Ice Kacang Puppy Love)
~ 李勇昌 Ryon Lek (大日子 Tiger Woohoo)
~ 李天仁 Lee Thean Jeen (笑着回家 Homecoming)
~ 李勇昌 Ryon Lek (天天好天 The Great Day)
~ 林文祥 Lim Boon Siang (大英雄 小男人 Petaling Street Warriors)
~ 李勇昌 Ryon Lek (辣死你妈 Nasi Lemak 2.0)
~ 郑幼卿 Debbie Cheng (行X踏错3X trouble)
~ 马逸腾 Teng Bee 黄天祥 Eddie Tiger (甲洞 Kepong Gangster)

最佳男配角 Best Supporting Actor:

~ 曹格 Gary Chow (初恋红豆冰 Ice Kacang Puppy Love)
~ 曾潍山 Wilson Tin (甲洞 Kepong Gangster)
~ 林德荣 Jack Lim (天天好天 The Great Day)
~ 陈志康 Royce Tan (大日子 Tiger Woohoo)
~ 黄一飞 Ng Hock Chye (大日子 Tiger Woohoo)
~ 程旭辉 Henry Thia (贪心鬼见鬼 Greedy Ghost)
~ 颜江翰 Gan Jiang Han (天天好天The Great Day)
~ 陈建彬 Marcus Chin (结婚那件事 The Wedding Diary)

(I thought Gary Chow was indeed the best thing in Ice Kacang Puppy Love)

最佳女配角 Best Supporting Actress:

~ 惠英红 Kara Hui (结婚那件事The Wedding Diary)
~ 陈美娥 Angela Chan (初恋红豆冰Ice Kacang Puppy Love)
~ 卓卉勤 Vivian Tok (天天好天The Great Day)
~ 黎明 Aunt Lai Ming (甲洞Kepong Gangster)
~ 卓卉勤 Vivian Tok (大日子Tiger Woohoo)
~ 李馨巧 Crystal (天天好天The Great Day)
~ 黎明 Aunt Lai Ming (摇滚单车梦The Cycle of Love)
~ 梁静茹 Fish Leong (初恋红豆冰Ice Kacang Puppy Love)

(I like the fact that our 85-year-old legendary actress Lai Ming, a living national treasure, who was just granted Datukship a few weeks ago, is lovingly and officially referred to as "Aunt Lai Ming". She did a cameo for my very first short film, CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY, in 2008. I was so young then.)

Me speaking to Lai Ming

Me rehearsing Ming Wei and Lai Meng

最佳女主角 Best Actress:

~ 李心洁 Angelica Lee Sinje (初恋红豆冰Ice Kacang Puppy Love)
~ 杨雁雁 Yeo Yann Yann (大英雄 小男人Petaling Street Warriors)
~ 江若琳 Elanne Kwong (结婚那件事The Wedding Diary)
~ 吴俐璇 Jojo Goh (大耳窿The Loan Shark)
~ 曾洁钰 Chen Keat Yoke (大日子Tiger Woohoo)
~ 杨雁雁 Yeo Yann Yann (收烂账The Collector)
~ 洪爱玲 Irene Ang (鬼马家族Phua Chu Kang)
~ 朱咪咪 Mimi Zhu (撞鬼 Twisted)

(Yeo Yann Yann, whom I am not related to, received two nominations for two James Lee films.)

最佳男主角 Best Actor:

~ 李国煌 Mark Lee (大英雄 小男人Petaling Street Warriors)
~ 梁智强 Jack Neo (笑着回家 Homecoming)
~ 林耀明 Lim Yew Beng (天天好天 The Great Day)
~ 林德荣 Jack Lim (大日子 Tiger Woohoo)
~ 贺军翔 Mike He (金童玉女 The Golden Couple)
~ 谢佳见 Melvin Sia (甲洞 Kepong Gangster)
~ 阿牛(陈庆祥) Ah Niu (结婚那件事 The Wedding Diary)
~ 葛米星 Gurmit Singh (鬼马家族 Phua Chu Kang)

最佳导演 Best Director:

~ 周青元 Chiu Keng Guan (天天好天 The Great Day)
~ 周青元 Chiu Keng Guan (大日子 Tiger Woohoo)
~ 阿牛(陈庆祥) Ah Niu (初恋红豆冰 Ice Kacang Puppy Love)
~ 李天仁 Lee Thean Jeen (笑着回家 Homecoming)
~ 李添兴 James Lee (大英雄 小男人 Petaling Street Warriors)
~ 游达志 Patrick Yau (行X踏错3X trouble)
~ 郑建国 Adrian Teh (结婚那件事The Wedding Diary)
~ 马逸腾 Teng Bee (甲洞 Kepong Gangster)

最佳电影Best Movie:

~ 初恋红豆冰 Ice Kacang Puppy Love
~ 大日子 Tiger Woohoo
~ 天天好天 The Great Day
~ 笑着回家 Homecoming
~ 大英雄 小男人 Petaling Street Warriors
~ 结婚那件事 The Wedding Diary
~ 甲洞 Kepong Gangster
~ 23:59