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Thursday, March 20, 2014

RIVER OF EXPLODING DURIANS postproduction adventures

No, the process of postproduction, so far, had not been an adventure.

But it's been a week since I came back to Tokyo, just so I could work on this film with utmost concentration, and solitude.

I missed the place more than I imagined, having been gone for more than 10 months.

Since then, I had been spending endless nights in McDonald's, doing my editing, sound mixing, subtitling and color correction.

Days merged together, the week was a blur.

It was intense, trying to finish all these things. And suffering through the 9-hour exporting time.

Having used Final Cut Pro 7 since early 2007, I'm starting to wonder whether it's time for me to shift back to Adobe Premiere Pro (which I kept on using until two years ago when I changed to using a Macbook Pro laptop instead)

Nonetheless, despite some bumps, everything ended rather nicely.

After one week of intense work, which I didn't really get to sleep much (drank lots of coffees, had occasional 2-hour naps), I finally had a cut of my film.

Just hours before I headed off to Okinawa.

During the 3-hour flight to Okinawa, I had the best sleep I ever had in days!