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Friday, August 29, 2014

Photos from a promo short film I was shooting

Two weeks ago, I got a sudden phone call from an old high schoolmate (primary school as well), asking me to help shoot a little promotional short film for an event his company is organizing in October.

I swiftly put together the production, the short film stars Joseph Germani and Sarah Lian and it's tentatively titled THE WAY OF THE FUTURE.

It also co-stars 5-year-old Estellis.

Here are the photos taken by the cast and crew during the shoot. (
Thankfully, we were also followed by a group of film students documenting our shoot, so there were even more photos from them as well. Film shoot these days are very different from before, it's not difficult anymore to look for production photos.)

From the first day, mostly in an apartment.

Second day, I was trying to capture the sunset again.

Of course, I also had plenty time for ice-cream.

Now I have one week to edit this.