Finishing up the RIVER OF EXPLODING DURIANS post-production in Bangkok

Teacher Lim (Zhu Zhi-Ying) and her merry band of student protesters

I have spent the last 12 days in Bangkok for the post-production of both films, Woo Ming Jin's SECOND LIFE OF THIEVES (which I produced and co-wrote) and RIVER OF EXPLODING DURIANS (which I directed), at White Light Post.

I wrote about the experience with SECOND LIFE OF THIEVES here.

Once Ming Jin left, they started work on RIVER OF EXPLODING DURIANS.

What an actual colorist can do to your film is amazing.

Professor Ando, who also happened to be in Bangkok for a few days, came to White Light Post for a visit. Sadly, I wasn't around that day, having gone off to do the sound mixing with Yossy the sound guy. :(

But Ando-sensei left me some of my most beloved Black Thunder chocolate bars, which I shared with the White Light Post folks the day after that. They loved it.

On Sept 18. I was more or less done. Kong the cinematographer and Yossy the sound guy were there too to watch the film, making notes on what has to be changed before we finalize the film and place it in DCP. After that, we went off for a great meal.

A few hours later, I headed off to the airport.

Posted about my thoughts on the entire experience:

"After 12 days, I'm finally back from Bangkok. Aside for some slight adjustments, the post-production work for River of Exploding Durians 榴莲忘返 is pretty much done.

I must thank Lee Chatametikool and the wonderful folks of White Light Post. Watching the colour grading and other things they did on the film the past week had been an inspiring and educational experience!

White Light Post is a postproduction company that has worked on a lot of award-winning films over the last few years, like Kongdej Jaturanrasmee's TANGWONG and P-047, Aditya Assarat's HI-SO and WONDERFUL TOWN, Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit's 36 and MARY IS HAPPY MARY IS HAPPY. The list goes on and on.

All my life I have wanted to make a movie. I'm so glad that they are around as I head towards the end of this journey.

大家好! 经过了漫长的12天, 我终于从曼谷回来了。 《榴莲忘返》的后期制作也算是大功告成。 首先要谢谢Lee Chatametikool以及White Light Post后期制作公司里的队友们。 看着他们为我们的片子调色, 又加一些很棒的视觉效果, 我觉得自己好像上了一堂课, 很幸运的学了很多东西。

Lee是泰国知名的剪接师, 除了剪接经典鬼片Shutter之外, 也是剪接所有阿彼察邦·韦拉斯哈古的作品, 包括第63届康城影展金棕櫚獎得主的《波米叔叔》。 他公司也参与了很多很棒的泰国电影, 例如本人超喜欢的P-047(2010年入围威尼斯影展)。

虽然出道了以后拍了很多短片, 电视剧, 广告等, 我的童年梦想仍然是拍一部电影。 这梦想好像快要实现了。

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