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Sunday, March 08, 2015

My birthday celebration 2015

My birthday was two days ago.

Unlike last year, where turning 30 made me reflect upon the past decade that I had, this so-called "twenties" that I doesn't belong to myself anymore.

This birthday started out more or less like a few birthdays I had before, I was working by attending a production meeting for an upcoming documentary shoot.

The fun started after the meeting, when Hanae decided to prepare a present for Uncle Edmund!

Of course, we had such a conversation before that:

Me: It's Uncle Edmund's birthday!
Hanae: Whaaaat? Are you joking?
Me: No, I'm not! It's my birthday!
Hanae: But there are no balloons! And cakes! And presents
Me: Uncle Edmund is a big boy, he doesn't need a party! Are you going to give Uncle Edmund a present?
Hanae: Okay.

And so she made me those presents.

Followed by a surprise birthday celebration thrown by Hanae's parents and Wey Yinn!

For dinner, I had it with my family, and also my childhood friend Joseph and his girlfriend. Joseph's been around in most of my birthdays. The rather new Thai restaurant near my house, Thai Camp, is pretty kickass. In fact, I just went there again with parents just now, two days after my birthday celebration. That's how great it is.

After that, I went off to another celebration of sorts at the nearby Mamak Stall with my film friends. TK, Joe (who shares my birthday and was prepping for a short film), actor Jonathan and actress Mayjune :D

It's a great birthday. The birthday greetings were pouring in from all over the world, family, friends from different stages of my life. I'm grateful.

The following day, I had lunch with my pal Yuan Yue (we collaborated together on this novella 10 years ago), and she also managed to buy me my most beloved Black Thunder!! That's one of the things I miss most from Japan!