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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sony Tropfest 2005, Oscars, starting a new short film project

Goddamn it! Had lots of problems trying to get into blogger. Right, so, what have happened during the past few days?

On Sunday night, I went to the Fremantle Outdoor Film Festival to check out the Sony Tropfest, which is supposedly the world's biggest short film festival. 16 finalist films were shown, and the winners were announced later. What can I say? All of them blew me away. Some were funny like heck, some were really thought provoking, some were really cool, some were realy sweet, yes, this sounds like asskissing, but I sure as hell had a great time there. Definitely none of those 'bah, I could've made greater stuff' feeling at all. (and because of that, I'm given more pressure with my upcoming short film... shit)

Right, yesterday's Oscars. Seems that I've gotten 8 out of my 11 predictions correct. If I've followed my mind, instead of my heart, I think I would've gotten 10 out of 11 (I was pulling too hard for Sideways). But during the first half of the Oscars, judging by its momentum, I really thought 'The Aviator' would really win the big one, despite me feeling that it doesn't really deserve it.

What else? Yeah, my upcoming short film is titled Forced Labour, and it's going to be 24308208208205205820 times more ambitious than A Boring Story. Already been getting some actors for it, like Justin's cousins (one was really a theatre actor, I believe), a guy from my literature class last year who is studying acting, some guy Justin knew, and Tenzan (yep, of CosMas and formerly of Comic Fiesta). Will need a chick to play the lead, and also another fat guy. Difficult.