[Photo] In this suffocating heat of Malaysia, this Fukuoka Zen temple I visited felt like a distant dream

[Photo] Bye bye Fukuoka

[Video] I had half an hour to cut together a reel, this was my attempt

[Photo] Had to complete my Fukuoka experience by having yatai ramen

[Photo] Yup, the very Zen temple constructed in Japan

[Photo] Shofukuji Zen Temple, the first Zen temple in Japan

[Photo] Having been drinking coffee nonstop since 5am, I feel like flying too. Good morning Fukuoka!

[Photo] Tenjin Chou Park, historical and renowned... Pikachu nest

[Photo] During the rain, Hakata Station is drenched in colours

[Photo] Flowers and trees at Ohori Park swaying gently. Then it rained.

[Photo] Discovering Ohori Park