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Friday, April 22, 2005

Finished Forced Labour shoot

It's official, I've wrapped up shooting. Everything's done. In fact, there's only one scene left for me to edit, and it's the opening scene. It's weird that I actually started the editing of 'Forced Labour' with the ending scenes, and end with the opening sequences. Anyway, sound editing will be trickier. I have no deadline anymore since I can't submit this to the Kurosawa Film Fest (the thing's almost 20 mins long, possibly more. That's twice the length allowed by the film fest. Damn). But I'll be able to submit it to the Singapore film fest, I think.

Anyway, life will return to normal once I've finished everything. So for now, I'll have to make a note of what I want to do later. Obviously, I'll be working hard on finishing Slam Dunk: Inside Stuff so I can move on happily to my original stuff.

And also a list of anime series I should review. Umm, the ones I finished watching in recent memory are...

- Gantz
- Full Metal Alchemist
- DNAngel
- Fumoffu

There should be more, but I'll probably write a review for DNAngel next. It's the most recent one I finished, so it's still fresh in my memory.