Retiring soon from fanfiction. Planning next short film projects.

Seriously, this blog of mine deserves more updating. After all, how could a soon-to-be legendary filmmaker like yours truly ignore his blog like this? But then, I've never really been the type who writes diaries.

My Personal Life
Soooo, what is there for me to say? I am currently working on my emarketing assignment where I have to analyze certain Malaysian websites, point out their strengths and weaknesses in both their designs and methods of marketing, blah blah. Now, is this what you guys want to listen? Me whining about my university work?

I would really mention more about my private life, but it's way too private for me to write about anyway. I mean, sheesh, I do crave attention, but I crave attention for my WORKS, not my own life! Of course, knowing that I will be a celebrity someday, I might face the prospect of having my personal life exposed to millions around the world some day.

Oh, the pain.

My Writing Progress
As I'll be swamped with more and more university works, I doubt I'll have time to write anything. So, to you Slam Dunk: Inside Stuff fans out there (I wonder how many remaining ones do I have now?), sorry, but I doubt I can complete the next chapter that soon, just give me a couple of weeks. I'm eager to finish this damned thing once and for all, considering the bloody fact that I'm getting SICK AND TIRED of writing fanfics. I mean, sheesh, I'm 21 this year, man, I'm EMBARRASSED to tell people the fact that I write anime fanfics. (even though I dare to say that my writings in Slam Dunk: Inside Stuff's last few chapters far surpass anything some generic Yaoi-hungry fangirl in could come up with) It's quite a waste to see so much work spent on a mere fanfiction when I should be working on something original instead.

It's even sadder to know that some people will refuse to read my original works once I stop writing fanfiction.

But there IS a possibility that the sequel of the semi-biographical '14 Days' will be coming up soon on my site. So, yeah, to you naysayers and non-supporters of my original works, TAKE THAT!

My Filmmaking Progress
Forced Labour is done. I'll look for some obscure European film festivals to submit this to.

A DVD is in the works as well.

Other than that, I will not be working on my next project until next semester. It could be:

(a) an ambitious, impressionistic (something like 'Un Chien Andalou'... go google about this film and you'll know what I'm talking about) take on 'The Romance of the 3 Kingdoms' (or any Chinese folklore)

(b) an offensive and inaccurate biopic of a former South East Asian leader I refuse to name here that features crude humour and such. Very LOOOOW budget.

(c) A romance mood piece that's very atmospheric. Shows my emotional, romantic, sentimental side. Haaah.

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