Pondering The Future Of My Film Career

I am still attempting to burn 'Forced Labour' onto a DVD so that I can submit it to various (obscure) European film festivals out there. Despite the fact that this short film's been completed, I think this is just the beginning of everything. I will now see how it will fare in festivals, competitions and such. ('Forced Labour' probably has a better chance in Europe and Asia, I think, though I might still submit it to some Australian film festivals if possible)

Even so, I'm already making preparations for my next film project, which will be a more intimate, sentimental piece that will take a much shorter time to complete (since there will only be two people in the cast). But that is something I'll think about when study break arrives. I'm in the last three weeks of the semester, two of my three main university assignments have been submitted, so I gotta concentrate on the last one too.

'A Boring Story', my very first short film I made last year, which I've just uploaded couple of days ago on my site is receiving some rather positive reviews from the forums I'm advertising. I'm seriously surprised by this. The reason why I put it onto my site is because I knew that it isn't good enough to be submitted to competitions anymore, thus it's easier for free viewing. But the kind words I'm receiving these days are rather flattering. It's a pity I didn't know that much about camera work and editing back then, so the video quality is really mediocre, everything looks very washed out, the colour's really messed up etc.

This happened recently, but I've just came to a realization that I'll probably become a much better filmmaker than as a writer in the long run. Seriously. I know I've always been an egoistic bastard who brags non-stop about his own deeds, but I really felt that I seem more talented in filmmaking than writing. Writing is something I've been doing since I was 13, and after the tons of fanfics and other random stuff I've written throughout the years, I know that I'm probably an above-average writer right now, thanks to my sense of humour, wit, and cynicism. I do enjoy writing very much, and I can articulate myself rather well.

However, I think it is my filmmaking skills that will separate me from the others. I know that no matter how I try, how hard I practice, I might end up being just a good writer, but I can't really see the limits of my potential as a filmmaker yet. Writing is just something that comes more naturally to the likes of Justin, or Alex (Alanded), but it doesn't come that naturally to me compared to filmmaking. When I viewed Forced Labour, I am more amazed with it than I do with most of my own writing stuff, after all, I've never actually touched a camcorder, or use an editing software until last July! And the whole thing's just my second attempt in filmmaking! Sure, it has its flaws, but I don't remember doing anything this special when I wrote my second fanfic or anything.

Perhaps this has to do with the fact that being a filmmaker has been my ambition since I was a child, and that writing has merely been something i picked up during my early teens (and honestly, I began writing by writing everything in script format, mostly hoping that it can aid me in filmmaking in the future, just that I got so much into writing since then that I ended up forgetting that it was meant to be an additional skill I wanted to develop to aid me in making films).

Maybe my writing career is diluted by the fact that I spent too much time writing fanfics instead of original works. No matter how good you are in writing fanfics, you just can't seem to maximise your own potential that much as compared to writing an original work. I was eager for an audience, thus I wrote fanfics, knowing that it will have a built-in audience, but now, I am regretful of what I did, because I know that many of these people will probably not give a rat's ass about my non-fanfic writing endeavours. They'll rather see me wrie another new Slam Dunk fanfic, than an original work, or make a short film. *sigh*

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