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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Found a partner-in-crime for Blogathon!

Yes, I have decided to participate in Blogathon as well, and I've dragged a partner to suffer through this with me. The charity organization we want to blog for will be Book Aid because both of us love reading, and we feel that more people around the world should be given the chance to read as well. According to the Blogathon website, 'Book Aid International works in partnership with organisations in developing countries to support local initiatives in literacy, education, training and publishing. We provide relevant books and information to those in greatest need–to enable people to realise their potential and contribute to the development of their communities.'

(Of course, it was said that an average Malaysian reads only a novel a year, thus, I think we need some help in this matter as well)

To make things more interesting between my friend, Lune, and I, we have decided to launch a special challenge for each other this Saturday. Beginning from 9pm Saturday (Perth, Malaysia, Singapore time), which is 11pm for poor Lune, who lives in Melbourne, we will alternate between her posting an artwork she does and me writing something, a short story, a poem, a haiku, anything, based on what she has drawn, or made. Thus we call this challenge 'Aspiring Writer Filmmaker vs Aspiring Artist/Fashion Designer', because, quite seriously, that's what we are. (Me being the writer filmmaker, her being the artist cum fashion designer).

All right, you may start pledging your cash for this CAMPAIGN of ours. Remember, you may play a role in allowing the needy a chance to discover the joys of reading and the importance of education.

Of course, even if we get zero sponsors for this, the challenge is still on. Both Lune and I are desperate people with a lot to prove. Just visit us that time to see some of the craziest drawings and writings ever by two crazy people attempting to outcrazy each other.