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Wallace And Gromit: Curse Of The Were-Rabbit

Going To Make An English-Language Film Instead Of A Malay One. (Unless Someone Can Help With Translation)

Sky High

Planning A Sci-Fi Version Of The Hang Tuah/Hang Jebat Story

Almost Got ARRESTED While Filming!

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children (better than Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within)

Ayumi Hamasaki Poetry

Pitching my Hang Jebat/ Hang Tuah sci-fi film to an actress

Bridget Jones' Diary Is Serious Literature.

Learning To Direct Actors

West Side Story: Homosexual Space Opera at its Finest

Utada Hikaru vs Mishima Yukio: Haru No Yuki ONEGAI

Taka: The Greatest Reviewer of All Time (J-MADNESS)


Why Alex Yong is Cooler than God.

Our Problem with NEIL GAIMAN

Farewell, Comic Fiesta

Tim Burton's Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Oh, the things I had to deal with in an anime message board!

Paul Auster's IN THE COUNTRY OF LAST THINGS, William Gibson's NEUROMANCER, Sue Grafton's A IS FOR ALIBI and Kate Atkinson's NOT THE END OF THE WORLD

A GOOD WOMAN starring Helen Hunt, Scarlett Johansson and Tom Wilkinson

Hey Fandom, Up Yours!

Intend to do a Malay-language lo-fi sci-fi film.