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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

NaNoWriMo Deadline Beckons, I'm Slightly Anxious.

I am near 45 000. Will make the one final push towards hitting 50 000 tomorrow. The reason why I worked slower than I've expected was because of the perfectionist within who wanted the work to be perfect when I hit 50 000, but I guess it's impossible to do so considering how many shit I had to juggle throughout the entire month of November, like...

1) Final assignments for my Shakespeare and Pop Literature class.
2) Final exams for Pop Literature
3) Preparation to return from Perth to Malaysia
4) ... the 'Sellout Week'
5) Playing host to a Japanese friend, Maiko, who came to Malaysia with me.
6) The Italian film festival

Not that I'm whining, but seriously, if I had only had to work on half of the things mentioned above, I could've probably finished my NaNoWriMo in around two weeks. Random notes of the day.

  • Maiko makes great Oyako Don and Cawan Mushi that rival, if not SURPASS the ones you eat in high-class Japanese restaurant.
  • Incredibly, she does NOT like Japanese food, being a hardcore Chinese fan and all. (as in, she listens to Chinese songs and worships Jay Chou. What anime is to otakus is what Chinese stuff is to her)
  • After drowning in the Korean melodrama starring Won Bin called 'My Brother', Maiko and I decide to tackle H, a serial killer film starring Jee Jin-hee (he was in the mega popular Korean TV drama Dae Jang Geum), pretty gruesome at first, when you get to see murdered pregnant women with their tummies slit open, and the feet of their fetuses hanging out, but after that, it was absolutely boring. Not recommended.
  • Finished the Japanese flick, Casshern, just moments ago (right, NOW you see what else might have been distracting me). It's visually spectacular, that Kiriya dude (Utada Hikaru's husband) has good vision, but ultimately, being his debut film, stuff does feel too much like a music video, or anime/RPG-ish, it lacked the subtle, emotional nuances that would've made it insanely good. Although I did doze off near the end, so I might need to rewatch some parts again.
  • Harry Potter And the Goblet of Fire is on pace to break the first film's box-0ffice records (which remains the top-grossing Harry Potter thus far, and possibly my personal favourite, as good as the third film was, the first one was just more awe-inspiring), Warner execs can stop worrying about the whole downhill slide Harry Potter films have been suffering in terms of B.O. receipts.
  • Finally read some entries by Mu Mu, she is amusing. I would attempt to translate her stuff, but I'm lazy.
  • No luck in downloading Prussian Blue's songs. Managed to download the soundtracks for Lunar 1 and 2. Wonderful RPG gems.