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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Stunning Photos of Waterfall, Rude Babies and Cute Puppies That Will Make You Cry

Yeah, I still have quite a number of photos taken during my trip in China that I haven't posted yet. The reason being that I wanted to finish making the videos of the trip (yes, it's still ongoing) before showing y'all this, but I guess it doesn't really matter. (If you want to view the earlier videos of my trip, check out my vlog section.)

Just click the photos for the large versions and their descriptions. They are all arranged in chronological order, taken at Wuyishan, China. The rest (from Shanghai) will come later.

Obnoxious Baby

Bridge to Green Dragon Waterfall

In front of Green Dragon Waterfall

Green Dragon Waterfall

Tiptoeing Little Sister.

A cute puppy. Wuyishan, China.

A litter of puppies. Wuyishan, China.

All right, that's all, going to cook up a review for the latest Wong Jing film, 'My Kung Fu Sweetheart' later.