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Friday, February 03, 2006

VIDEOS: The beautiful Green Dragon waterfall at Wuyishan & a 4-year old Chinese tea-making prodigy

Malaysia's most prolific vlogger strikes again! I've spent the entire day editing these four video clips. Basically, it's a continuation of my China vacation videos (yes, it's incomplete). All these clips were shot on the same day, but since some of the stuff I witnessed were so interesting then that I've decided split them, so you can enjoy them separately.

The first one is just another one of my generic holiday videos, where you see me at the beautiful Green Dragon waterfall.

The second video is of my cousin from Wuyishan, China. Making Chinese tea. I was impressed, since the kid was only four. What a genius!

The third video is me taking the flight from Wuyishan to Shanghai. While at the Wuyishan airport, you get to see my genius nephew up to some mischief. Yay.