Minds Blown Apart By Sigur Ros' Perth Concert

Swifty: Sigur Ros' concert in Perth wasn't something I was looking forward to. After all, the price was rather steep (70 bucks!), and while I appreciated their two albums that I have, () and Takk for their unique-ness and weirdness (it adds to my indie cred), I just never bothered listening to them over and over again. Their stuff are spaced out, indescribable, the main vocalist sings in a language invented by himself, which makes things even more outlandish and crazier to get into.

So when Justin asked me to go to the Perth concert with him more than a month ago, I wasn't too keen, especially because of the rather steep price. But then, since I had just missed Broken Social Scenes (a band I genuinely liked, whose song I used for the Kenny Sia video I made last year. The video was so good that til this very day, I get marriage proposals daily), I thought I would just go experience something new. It's probably a once-in-a-lifetime deal anyway. So I agreed, though without much enthusiasm.

Sigur Ros' music had always been so spaced out that I thought the concert would probably be a pretty boring one, to the point which might lull me to sleep. The trauma I suffered from the Jolin Chai mini-concert two years ago remains fresh.
Here are the photos (click them for larger versions).

The following were taken while we were waiting at the cafe in the Perth Concert Hall (the very place where I had my graduation ceremony just a month ago). Mostly with my new mobile phone.

Sigur Ros Tickets

(via mobile phone) Justin waits for Sigur Ros Concert

(via mobile phone) I am posing before Sigur Ros concert

(via mobile phone) Excited about Sigur Ros concert

Yeah, I'm aware that I'm pretty adorable. Now, here are some photos taken after we entered the hall, and waiting for the show to begin.

Justin, just before Sigur Ros concert

Waiting For Sigur Ros Concert

Me, Just Before Sigur Ros Concert

And now, some photos taken when during the performance. Was difficult to get a decent shot with my digital camera, ended up using my mobile phone instead (and it fared better, I think).

Sigur Ros Concert Begins

Sigur Ros In Action

Sigur Ros In Action 2

(via mobile phone) Sigur Ros In Action 3

(via mobile phone) Sigur Ros in action 4

(via mobile phone) Sigur Ros In Action 5

Mere words can't describe how unique the experience was. Yes, it surpassed my expectations, Sigur Ros sounds entirely different live compared to CD (which I am currently listening to so that I know I'm not exaggerating). I mean, how can I articulate what I saw properly? I tried to today with a few of my friends, and here are what I managed to say:

"Holy shit, man. It's like, the main vocalist, he kinda has a high voice, sorta Michael Jackson-ish, right, Michael Jackson on crack! And he plays his electronic guitar with a bow, man! Like how people play violins and cello, it's insane!"


"You know, this Icelandic band, Sigur Ros! I mean, damn, I don't even freaking understand a single word said, cos' the language is invented by them! And you see, beside the four main guys in the band, they have these four girls, called Amina, who are their long-time collaborators, and what they do, beside playing the strings, is well, they just go around the stage picking up icelandic instruments to play during a song."


"And man, they don't speak at all, they just played from beginning to end. And bowed when we gave them a standing ovation."

Now you can see, that The Great Swifty has even lost his ability to string words together to explain about the concert.

Let's see what Justin has to say about this...

Justin: Sigur Ros on record did not accord with Sigur Ros in concert. The loudness of the crescendos was not to be underestimated. Jonsi warbled and trilled and screamed like a methed-out shoggoth. The 'glacial' shit co-existed with sheer shards of noise wrenched out of guitars, bass, and violins with bows, drumsticks, and whatever came to hand. Everyone wanted to mosh, but couldn't. We were frozen in place, forced to let it wash over us. No one was prepared - the records couldn't prepare us. Everything demanded precise attention. We couldn't even stand. Slowly, the universe crackled, swarmed into static. Sigur Ros was the sound of a tower falling, heard from an underground cave. It was the sound of tripmine shrapnel, newborn angels crying, the last beat of a dying heart. In the tornado, we huddled together in the dark. I don't even know what the fuck I'm saying. See them live or miss the train.

Swifty: Yeah, guess I'll have to post some videos so that you peeps can get some idea what we're sayin'.

So I'll begin with a music video of Glosoli. It's beautiful.

Now, here's a HALF AN HOUR LONG documentary about their last album, Takk, yes, HALF AN HOUR.

And finally, some videos of them performing live, but at random places (I didn't carry my camcorder with me during the concert, which is a shame!)