Video: Kyoko's Birthday Party

Kyoko is yet another friend of mine from Japan (you should notice by now that I have an endless amount of Japanese chick friends) that I got to know this year, and this is yet another birthday party video I shot. Her birthday party was held on the 3rd of June, and if you've actually bothered watching any of my party videos, you might notice that I tend to make each of them look as different from another as possible.

In this video, I tried to use what I began experimenting with when shooting my last short film, Vertical Distance (this video was shot during the postproduction period of Vertical Distance), slowing down the camera shutter to create a blurry, surrealistic effect. It's an effect used in Wong Kar Wai films like Fallen Angels, Ashes of Time and Chungking Express.

I also tried to heighten the dream-like feel of the video by cranking up the white glow in the surroundings just so that the whole thing will seem more ethereal and otherwordly. Music is from Duncan Beattie.

I was only there for a short while, so I didn't really get that many footages. While it may be getting increasingly redundant to shoot one birthday party video after another, I do find them a nice opportunity for me to experiment with camera techniques and editing styles since it's unlikely that I can experiment that much with my actual short films. After all, I tend to experiment less with my short films because I feel that I have less room for error, and I would rather implement things I have a better grasp on upon them.

You can watch more of my videos here.

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