Location Hunting for GIRL DISCONNECTED

Was doing some location hunting for Brian The Cinematographer three days ago for my short film, Girl Disconnected. Went to University of Western Australia (first three photos are taken there), and then somewhere near the city beach (second three photos). Here are some photos for you all to ogle at. Once again, I used my usual blurry, dreamy effect from Photoshop, with varying degrees of success. They're all taken by Brian.

Swifty Sits On A Bench, Posing

Swifty Sits On A Bench, Pondering

Swifty Looks At The Lamp Post In Awe

Swifty Looks At The Beach

Unnecessarily Dramatic Photo Of Swifty At The Beach

Swifty At Sandy Dunes Of The Perth City Beach

Not much to say, hence the photos.

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