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Sunday, October 01, 2006

A New Wiler. And Photos Of The Most Grueling Shoot Ever.

Chau, the original actor playing Wiler has to drop out of the project as he has to leave for UK on the 2nd of October.

He has been replaced by none other than, well, Justin.

Hence the lack of posting from either of us in the past few days.

Day 2 of the Girl Disconnected (work title) shoot was on the 29th of September. We shot the scene at a beach, or rather, some sand dunes near the beach. Shooting non-stop for 4-5 hours, under an insanely hot weather (it was thirty plus degrees that day).

Note to self? Probably avoid shooting at the beach again. Hard to control outdoor location shoots. The wind. The sound of waves. The uneven sand. And worst of all, the merciless sun.

So confident I was with my Malaysian skin that I chose not to use sunblock while everyone were applying craploads of them upon themselves. I ended up suffering from major sunburns that I'm still recovering from today.

Anyway, my cast members, Justin, Sarah, Kuki (playing the all-knowing Gardener) and Grace (playing the mysterious Rabbit) had to endure this grueling shoot that day by wearing thick costumes for this particular scene, and I'm very grateful for their professionalism and endurance.

At least we managed to survive the most difficult part of the production.

Check out the production photos below. Pretty surreal stuff:

Production Photo 1 - Maya and Wiler

Production Photo 2 - Maya and Wiler Exchange Looks

Production Photo 3 - The Rabbit

Production Photo 4 - The Gardener

Production Photo 5 - The Gardener And The Rabbit

Production Photo 6 - Maya and Wiler Look At Flowers

Production Photo 7 - The Gardener Is In Despair

Production Photo 8 - Maya Ponders

Updated (3/10/2006): Grace, who plays the rabbit, has more photos over at her blog entry.

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