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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Retro-looking Trains, Ballerinas and Fairy Rabbits. More Production Photos From Girl Disconnected.

My skin is currently peeling after the major sunburns I suffered during last Friday's grueling shoot.

Thankfully, the subsequent shoots for the production were much easier as we were in a more controlled environment. One in the university's TV studio, and one in the Bassendean Railway Museum. The scene with Justin and Grace (the rabbit) was shot during Mooncake Festival two days ago, while the train scene was shot early yesterday.

So here you are, some more production photos from my upcoming short film.

Production Photo 10 - Wiler Is Sad

Production Photo 11- The Rabbit Sees Poor Wiler

Production Photo 12 - Wiler and The Rabbit Watch The Ballerinas

Production Photo 13 - Wiler and The Rabbit Watch The Ballerinas 2

Production Photo 14 - Wiler Ignores Maya

Production Photo 15 - Maya Is Bored

Production Photo 16 - WIler Reaching For Maya

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