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Friday, November 24, 2006

More 'Girl Disconnected' Production Photos From The Corridor Scene!

Based on the test viewings thus far (test viewings amongst my teachers, fellow film students etc.) The 'Corridor Scene' from my latest short film, Girl Disconnected, is one of the most well-received scenes of the film. Some called it the turning point of the film, where it just elevated to another level of filmmaking (compared to the first half of the film). Another friend of mine just shook his head and smiled, saying that it was certainly 'trippy'.

I've posted screenshots of that Corridor Scene before:

Production Photo 21 - Wiler Navigating Through The Corridors of the Moon

Production Photo 23 - Maya Smiles

It was difficult to find an outlandish-looking corridor, and while I initially wanted to shoot this at the University of Western Australia, the procedures to get their permission were too complicated, especially if it the shoot was only going to last for a few hours. So ultimately, I decided to do this in good o' Murdoch University instead, using an empty corridor in one of their buildings for the shoot as it allowed Brian The Cinematographer more freedom to experiment with the lights.

Anyway, here are the photos I took as we prepared for that scene, the production was nearing its end then. I have already forgotten about them until I checked my camera last night. Click for larger versions.

Assistant/ Production Manager Yun Chin Preparing The Set
My assistant/ production manager Yun Chin preparing the set

Brian the Cinematographer and Lead Actress Sarah
Brian the Cinematographer and Lead Actress Sarah

Grace The Rabbit Fairy Doubling As The Sound Person
Grace the Rabbit Fairy doubling as the Sound Person after Yun Chin left early

Brian The Cinematographer In Action
Brian the Cinematographer in action (or rather... undertaking another crazy shot which I needed him to stand on a table)

I had one hell of a cast and crew.

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