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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Received Some Awards Nominations for End-Year Murdoch University Film Festival.

Two of the short films I wrote and directed this year, Vertical Distance and Girl Disconnected, have been nominated for a few categories in the end year Murdoch Film Festival held on the 3rd of December.

Vertical Distance, a comedic tale of a vertically-challenged dude dealing with the fact that his girlfriend is taller than him, is nominated for Best Year 2 Production (the film is done for the Screen Production 2, a second year unit, but I'm not a second year student, I'm a Graduate Diploma student, meaning I'm just a guy doing a one-year diploma that's like a crash course of what film students would need three years to do for their degrees). Screenshots of Vertical Distance can be found here.

On the other hand, my latest film, Girl Disconnected, a surrealistic fantasy tale of a girl who took a train to the moon seeking her love, the very film I've spent the entire semester talking about, has been nominated for the Best Script and Best Visual Effects awards under the Open Category (... meaning that, besides undergraduates, I'll also be competing against Honours, Masters, PHD students... some of them are actually tutors *gasp*) Just happy to have both of my films nominated and featured in the film festival. Screenshots and production photos of Girl Disconnected can be found here, here, here and here.

Overall, it seems like a pretty good year for Malaysian film students of Murdoch University since besides myself, a group of Malaysian girls, friends of mine (who also worked with me on Vertical Distance) have snagged numerous nominations for their crowd-pleasing short film, Mu Qin (it means 'mother' in Mandarin), a story set in early 20th century China, about a young woman going home to find her estranged son and dealing with the prejudice of conservative society. Other than that, their documentary, Virgin Tattoo, which chronicles a guy's journey to get his first tattoo, has also been nominated for Best Year 2 Production (competing against Vertical Distance).

Perhaps this is another sign of Malaysian productions gaining some international recognition. Haha.

So, here are a list of awards the aforementioned films have been nominated for: (note, Mu Qin is a third year production, so it is also competing in both the Open Category and the 3rd Year Category)

(written and directed by me)
Best Script (Open Category)
Best Visual Effects (Open Category)

(written and directed by me)
Best 2nd Year Production
(er, I lent them lights when theirs blew out, so I am involved too :D)
Best Script (Open Category and 3rd Year Category)
Best Cinematography (Open Category and 3rd Year Category)
Best Editing (Open Category and 3rd Year Category)
Best Female Performance (Open Category and 3rd Year Category)
Best Direction (Open Category and 3rd Year Category)
Best Script (Open Category and 3rd Year Category)
Best Drama (Open Category and 3rd Year Category)
Best Sound (3rd Year Category)
Best Set Design (3rd Year Category)
Best Graduate Production (3rd Year Category)

(Justin was one of the interviewees, and I got my flatmate, Duane, to serve as Narrator for the documentary, thus I have special thanks credit!)
Best 2nd Year Production

Anyway, run a search on either Vertical Distance or Girl Disconnected on this blog and you'll find numerous entries related to these two short films.

Gonna keep my fingers crossed.

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