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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Took an assistant director job for a television movie

This blog has slowed down considerably since those days when I could put up at least an entry or two a day. I don't even have the time to put up any vlog entries lately, the last one being a video of me playing the piano during my birthday.

There are numerous things I should be doing here, like finally putting the videos of my Indian vacation together (editing is actually a really time-consuming process, since I'm too much of a perfectionist to put unedited footages online for your viewing), reviewing the last two films I saw, Half Nelson and Mukhsin, and most of all, my time in Malaysian Shorts during monday night, when Girl Disconnected was screened.

The fact is, I've taken an assistant director job more than two weeks ago for a television movie meant for NTV7's Festival slot (basically, it's a program where local independent filmmakers are paid to make their projects to be aired on TV). The screenwriter and director of this telemovie is Kannan Thiagarajan (HEYA!!!!). I'm keeping the plot of the movie under wraps. All I can let you know is that it's a slow-burning thriller that takes place at the idyllic beaches of Port Dickson.

Port Dickson town

Filming begins on the 31st of March at Kuala Lumpur. But on the 1st of April, I will be going to Port Dickson (nearly an hour and a half of car ride away) for the rest of the shoot, and it will not end until the 9th, or the 10th of April. So I might not be able to be around during that period. Hopefully someone will fill in by then.

So far, for preproduction, my job as an assistant director is to do some scheduling, and preparing call sheets, which was something I didn't actually do back in Perth (I had my own assistant director back then), so working on all these paperwork and attempting to arrange the schedule for the shoot is actually quite a challenge. Still a good experience to work within a professional environment though.

There are also some attempts to apply for scholarships, which I'm not going to talk about that much, and also confirming my graduation from the filmmaking course I did last year in Perth (the two other students of my course had to ask for extensions, thus official results weren't out yet, but my teacher told me that Girl Disconnected, my graduation piece scored really really well with the examiners), in addition to that, my previous short film, Vertical Distance, and this other documentary I was involved in were screened for new film students (hopefully as good examples, and not 'things you shouldn't do in this course' examples :D), which is really nice. It's hard to believe that I actually made a bit of a difference during my short tenure as a film student in Murdoch University.

I had hoped for that, of course, being the Great Swifty, I've always hoped to reach for the skies, but when something is actually fulfilled, the feeling is rather pleasant.