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Monday, March 26, 2007

VIDEO: Malaysian Shorts (March 2007 Edition)

Just as I've mentioned here, my short film, Girl Disconnected, was one of the 10 short films screened at this year's first edition of MALAYSIAN SHORTS, held in HELP Institute. Once again, I was the only person representing the film. Unsurprising, considering that I'm the only one of the three Malaysians involved in the production who is still in the country. (Assistant director Yun Chin had gone back to Perth to finish her studies), the other, my actress, Grace the Rabbit Fairy, had seemingly disappeared in the past few weeks. Couldn't reach her via email, blog comments and Friendster messages. Worrying.)

All short films shown there were of high quality, and they were pretty different from one another. Don't really feel like reviewing them one by one, since I feel somewhat... wrong to review other films in a screening which my short film is part of.

I managed to meet Amir Muhammad, one of the country's leading indie filmmakers whose last two documentaries, The Last Communist, and Village People Radio Show were banned in Malaysia (he's possibly gunning for a hat-trick with his latest flick) and Zan Azlee, a filmmaker/ freelance journalist who interviewed me last month for SURF MAGAZINE (will inform you all when the issue with that interview is out). Chewxy and Abel were there again, they were also at Girl Disconnected's previous screening at FILMMAKERS' ANONYMOUS 2. My new boss, Kannan Thiagarajan, was also there. (he is now mentioned in three consecutive blog posts of mine, Swifty is a model employee?)

The top 3 films that got the Audience's Choice Awards were all entries (and winners), Kongsi Dalam Gelap, K-Hole, and Westbound, (no, no Girl Disconnected) of the BMW Shorties held recently. Was envious that they had such a large production crew for their films, while I had to make do with only, well, three (including myself). Haha. Of course, there are a few others screened there that were done with one-man-crews, so there's really not much to complain about.

Anyway, it was an interesting experience. Was a pity I couldn't join Kelab Seni Filem's Wong Tuck Cheong and the rest for some tea after the screening, my parents arrived early.