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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Eimi Yamada

Eimi Yamada, or Amy Yamada

The above is a picture of Eimi Yamada.

Eimi Yamada is a popular author in Japan; I was hanging out with a girl the other night who was reading one of her books. She often writes about sex; here is an example of her prose style:

"It's not as if she's some priss who doesn't know a thing about men, but the first time Chika saw me spit in a guy's mouth, she had to run to the toilet. I mean, really. She's the one who came to me begging, Shinobu, Sis, I need to make some money. Help me find a job. What was I supposed to do? I was the same way at first. When I got started in the business, seeing men humiliated like this made me want to puke. But after a few years it's like any job. Your own craft is the only thing you can believe in. If it makes guys salivate and snuggle up, or if it makes them shit before my eyes, it's all the same to me. Men look up to me from all fours and I pity them. I grind my high heels into their pitiful little cocks and watch their faces twist while I drag on a cigarette. And then I say: Kneel down and lick my feet."

This is a from a story in which she later inserts needles into a man's erect penis until it resembles a pincushion and then pulls them out and watches the blood leak out.

Needless to mention I find Eimi Yamada hilarious and can't stop smiling if I imagine her walking around and thinking up things like that.

Eimi Yamada is also a judge for the Akutagawa Prize; she rejected some guy a while back because he was putting too much fake slang in his book.

I think I feel like Eimi Yamada's existence and writing is inherently absurd, which somehow makes me like her more.

I'm planning to do other posts like this about other authors whom I feel to be absurd but also lovable. Stay tuned.