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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Amber Chia at 'Fine Dining' TV Shoot

Shot the last episode of 'FINE DINING' today in Bollywood Restaurant at Tengkat Tong Shin (near Sungei Wang and Low Yat Plaza) in Kuala Lumpur.

It's a very interesting-looking Indian restaurant designed by the owner himself, Taj.

Bollywood Restaurant Interior

Bollywood Restaurant Interior 2

Bollywood Restaurant 3

And the food, of course, is REALLY delicious. The chef is Taj's wife Sania.

I mentioned in this previous post about 'Fine Dining' about a mystery guest for the show whom I will not divulge until everything's done.

Well, the mystery guest is actually Malaysia's supermodel Amber Chia. She also dabbles in acting, appearing in the local movie 'The Third Generation' ( go read my much-talked about epic trashing of the film) and the Astro series 'Trio and A Bed' (go read my rather positive review of the series pilot)

Amber Chia and Fay the Hostess
Amber Chia and Fay the Hostess

Amber Chia, her business partner Shan and Fay the hostess
Amber Chia, her business partner Shan (they have just opened a boutique together) and Fay the hostess

The first thing that struck me when Amber Chia walked into the restaurant with her business partner Shan) was how humble and nice she actually is. After shaking hands with director Woo Ming Jin, she immediately shook mine as well while introducing herself, a gesture that actually surprised me slightly.

Anyway, to those who are curious... yes, Amber DOES know about the song (The Cha Cha Ska) of Amber Chia by the band, BEN'S BITCHES (go to Earl-ku's or myAsylum 's entries for the lyrics or the MP3 downloads). She even saved it into her mobile phone as a ringtone! Let us all listened to the song while we waited for the shoot to start. BEN'S BITCHES must be proud.

Director Woo Ming Jin and I looking at the monitor
Director Woo Ming Jin and I looking at the monitor

Amber Chia and the others waiting between takes
Amber Chia and the others waiting between takes

Blurry photo of Amber Chia and others during the food-tasting
The food-tasting

Amber was magical in front of the camera, the way she maintained eye contact, the way she interacted with the camera, how she seemed to invite, with her eyes, audiences to share this private moment with her as she was eating the food, how effortlessly she just turned the show into her own. While Amber Chia the actress hadn't really impressed me much (I do admit that she'll be better as a comedic actress than a dramatic one though), Amber Chia the Supermodel/Endorser was flawless and mindblowing.

After we finished the food-tasting, she was asked to demonstrate her expert make-up skills to us all (as she was the one who helped her business partner Shan with the make-up, despite the presence of a make-up artist on the set!).

The two following photos were taken when she was showing us how she made her nose bridge seem higher!

Amber Chia demonstrating her make-up skills

Amber Chia after make-up!

Hardcore skills, man.

Anyway, when the shoot ended, Amber actually started thanking not just Director Ming Jin, but everyone in the crew. Touching my arm briefly when she left, saying a very friendly thank you.

I shook my head in disbelief after she left, telling director Ming Jin that I am absolutely MOVED by how down-to-earth and unpretentious she actually is. (the interview and food-tasting she did was really fun) Admitting that I'm starting to feel, well, a little guilty about the epic trashing I gave 'THE THIRD GENERATION' last year.

Me, with Amber Chia, her business partner Shan and hostess Fay

Of course, I have to say that by standing next her in this photo, I looked pretty... fat. :(

I think I'm going to miss doing this show. Haha.

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