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Saturday, June 09, 2007

YE CHINE RESTAURANT: Photos From 'Fine Dining' TV Production Shoot

There was another 'Fine Dining' TV production shoot today, this time at a Chinese restaurant. This Chinese restaurant is called Ye Chine (pronounced like 'Yi Shin') and is situated right next to yesterday's Mezza Notte Italian restaurant (in fact, both restaurants have the same owners). Both restaurants are opposite Sheraton Hotel, KL.

Unlike the two segments yesterday, there aren't any guests for the show, the focus is placed solely on the head chew, Chew Kia Sek.

Outside Ye Chine restaurant

It's a classy-looking, stylish Chinese restaurant.

Ye Chine Restaurant interior 1

Ye Chine Restaurant interior 2

Head chef Chew in action
Head chef Chew in action while Paul the Cameraman shoots

Food waiting to be served
The dishes Head chef Chew cooked up for the show

Baked lamb
Baked lamb

Wanton shimp
Wanton shrimp

Deep fried avocado puff rolls

Fay talking to head chef Chew
Fay interviewing chef Chew. Chef Chew went to Beijing this April for a culinary competition and won a gold medal!

Director Woo Ming Jin and intern Ah Chia
Director Woo Ming Jin and intern Ah Chia

Oh, and of course, we had free dinner too.

Our FREE dinner at Ye Chine

There might be another shoot tomorrow, with a mystery guest I shall not divulge until everything's really done.

Will keep you all updated!