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Friday, July 06, 2007

Powermasters Optimus Prime!

WIRED's collection of best Transformers Fan Photos inspired me to dig out an old friend of mine that I hadn't touched in years. (yes, an article did this, NOT the film itself... probably because Megan Fox overshadowed everything else)

My Optimus Prime toy.

Powermasters Optimus Prime (normal form)

My dad bought this for me in Hong Kong back when I was either 5 or 6. Until today, it remains one of my most prized possessions among my huge collection of action figures. And compared to other Transformers toys I have, this one is the most, er, complete. Even as a kid, I knew enough to take care of it so that it wouldn't suffer from any broken limbs or missing heads my other Transformers toys (I'll show them to you some other time... if I can put most of them together). Getting this toy was one of the highlights of my childhood.

Now, here's Optimus Prime in his truck form.

Powermasters Optimus Prime (truck form)

Alas, despite trying my hardest, many parts of this toy are missing. A gun, a mini robot meant to be inserted into Optimus Prime's engine, possibly some laser guns that were placed on Optimus's forearms.

Some photos of Optimus Prime in his large form, which you need the trailer for.

Powermasters Optimus Prime (large form)

It's ironic that prior to writing this entry, I was searching desperately on the Net to find out what's the name of my toy's actual model. And then I found my answer at the most unexpected of places... Vincent's entry about his Powermasters Optimus Prime (which is a lot more complete than mine... or maybe he has a newer edition), and THEN I knew that I have a Powermasters Optimus Prime... after more than fifteen years.

Powermasters Optimus Prime (large form) 2

Just like Vincent (and Eyeris, who also had the toy) had stated, this toy isn't very flexible, you can only move its arms, and it wasn't even until today that I knew I could spread my Optimus Prime's legs (... sounds wrong) when he's in his large form.

Of course, one of my biggest regrets is the fact that so many parts of it are missing. Playing with the idea of customizing some new weapons for my Optimus Prime, like an energy sword or something.

Powermasters Optimus Prime (large form) 3

I'm suddenly thinking of getting myself a few different Optimus Prime models too.

Updated: Eyeris has an even more old-school Optimus Prime toy.